InsuraGuest Inc. delivers insurance using its proprietary InsurTech software platform. This enables both hotels and vacation rental properties to provide protection for their guests. Vacation rentals and hotels can buy the InsuraGuest protection policy, which the property extends the insurance coverage to their guests while on the property.

People who plan to travel overseas or go on vacation are often encouraged to buy travel insurance to provide some protection from illness or accidents that may occur while traveling or visiting another country, but these policies may exclude or may be limited for accidents that happen at a vacation rental property or hotel. Even when traveling within a country, a person may find that their travelers’ policy does not cover what they thought it did, which puts them at risk for additional expenses.

InsuraGuest recognized that there is a gap in traditional insurance policies, and thus the company created a system to provide coverage that could be missing. It provides protection, up to policy limits, against accidents that can happen to guests while on the premises of a hotel or vacation rental property. Accidents can include damage to property as well as medical mishaps that could put the guest in the position of needing to seek urgent medical attention – which may include having to go to a hospital. The property owner themselves may have insurance, the guest may have their own medical insurance or umbrella policy, but often these policies do not cover fault of the guest or a third-party claim.