InsuraGuest Technologies Inc. (TSX.V: ISGI) Moves to Expand Insurance Platform to Multiple Sectors


  • Insurance technology market is rapidly growing, creating innovation and opportunity in the digital insurance sector
  • InsuraGuest’s working to expand its product offering and the reach of its platform via brokers and agents
  • In the hospitality sector, the company’s insurance products cover a wide range of issues, from theft and damage of personal property to accidental medical expenses and accidental death and dismemberment

The insurtech market is growing rapidly, and specialized insurance provider InsuraGuest Technologies Inc. (TSX.V: ISGI) is riding the wave of technological innovation in the digital insurance sector. The company’s insurance systems target specific niches and is now moving to expand offerings to a wider audience and additional revenue streams. The company aims to move into providing software technology applicable to multiple insuring specialist sectors, of which their current support of the hospitality insurance sector is an example.

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